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Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 18)

The American people and our way of life are in jeopardy. You or someone close to you may be only one greedy decision away from disaster. We must end the corruption.

Millennials entering the workforce with a feeling of entitlement are a result of an uber-liberal higher-education environment.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will soon allow mortgages with only 3 percent down payment. Obviously, these two entities didn’t learn anything from their bankruptcies and participation in the 2008 near-economic meltdown.

One parent complains and Santa is booted from a school program. What happened to majority rules?

I would say that all the good Christians who support torture must not have had their moral compasses activated when they were young children. Dick Cheney, are you listening?

Ex-Nazis are not the only war criminals in America. Those responsible in the former administration are, too.

The head of the CIA refers to “extraordinary interrogation techniques” as “EIT.” Just remember – you can’t spell “I torture” without “EIT.”

Former Ambassador Joe Wilson referred to Sen. Pat Roberts as Dick Cheney’s poodle. Having had poodles in the family for the past 40 years, I would say that’s the ultimate insult to a poodle.

I’d have some sympathy for these protesters if they were protesting the 11.4 percent unemployment rate for blacks across the country. This president doesn’t want to even begin to reduce that number.

I just wonder what the aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown would have been if the cop was black who shot him. I guess we need “black only” police departments.

Everybody wants the government and the police to protect us from the bad guys, so let them do their jobs and quit trying to tell them how to do it. The results may not be pretty, but they’re effective.

Who am I running with? What am I doing? Why am I doing it? We have to help police officers to help us. They cannot read minds, so I would not give them a reason to guess.

What would happen if we eliminated all police departments, and let the citizens solve their own problems?

Is there a respected voice within the Republican Party in Kansas who can convince the governor to abandon his determined goal to bankrupt the state?

Jeff Glendening of Americans for Prosperity said: “It takes a while to turn the Titanic. And the state budget is a Titanic.” I would remind Glendening that the Titanic did not turn; it hit an iceberg (tax cuts?) and it sank.

Now that we officially have a photo park, will professional photographers quit blocking streets in Rocky Creek? I doubt it. I think they enjoy disrupting traffic flow.

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