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So they said

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▪  “Dwight Eisenhower. You don’t get nicer. You don’t get friendlier. They moved a million and a half people out.” – Donald Trump at Tuesday’s debate, citing the Kansas-bred president’s deportation of Mexicans as a model for how a Trump administration would deport 11 million undocumented immigrants

▪  “You might want to update that button to: ‘I Like Ike With Significant Reservations.’” – “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert, noting that Eisenhower’s program was officially named “Operation Wetback”

▪  “Over the weekend, my trusty Ford F-150 hit 150,000 miles. It’s valuable for me to travel across the state to get candid feedback on issues facing Kansans.” – Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., picturing the truck and its “Eat beef” bumper sticker on Instagram

▪  “That was the year I should have been nominated.” – former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole, saying in a Des Moines Register podcast that he “was better organized” in 1988 than in 1996, though he won the Iowa caucuses both years

▪  “Buckle up. If you think you’ve been on a roller coaster now, you’ve going to now see a real roller coaster. The ideas that will come out of committee now will not be good for your students.” – State school board member Deena Horst, warning a Salina audience of mostly educators after House leadership’s removal of two moderate Republicans from the House Education Committee