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So they said


▪  “We are in a bona fide constitutional crisis.” – Secretary of State Kris Kobach, speaking to a tea party group in Hutchinson about President Obama’s immigration action

▪  “The public spoke. They want full Republican control, less government and lower taxes.” – Kansas House Speaker Ray Merrick, R-Stilwell, talking about the state’s election results at an American Legislative Exchange Council meeting in Washington, D.C.

▪  “It just seems more obvious that there’s something going on that they want to hide.” – University of Kansas senior Schuyler Kraus, on her student group’s attempt to obtain public records showing ties between the Koch brothers and KU’s Center for Applied Economics

▪  “Twelve deeds registered by Bill Meek, 11 Sedgwick County Zoo animals, 10 miles of roadwork, nine EMS ambulances, eight sheriff patrol cars, seven first-half tax bills, six GIS maps, five county commissioners, four visits to Exploration Place, three autopsies, two 911 calls, and a really, really short commission meeting.” – Sedgwick County communications director Kristi Zukovich, in a meeting-opening “12 Days of Christmas” parody

– Rhonda Holman