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Target still on renewable-energy laws

An article in the National Journal titled “The Koch Brothers’ Next Frontier” describes how first-term state Rep. Russ Jennings, R-Lakin, led the successful House defense of Kansas’ renewable-energy standard last spring and then survived a related primary challenge in August. “A powerful faction working to undo the green-energy laws has swept through states over the past decade, but as in Kansas, their repeal efforts have repeatedly failed,” wrote Clare Foran, about how the Koch-funded push by Americans for Prosperity and the American Legislative Exchange Council has met with resistance from state lawmakers like Jennings with renewable-energy projects in their districts. But AFP plans to ramp up repeal efforts next year, with special attention paid to Kansas and North Carolina. As Jennings told his House colleagues, because the repeal won’t reduce utility bills, “this is nothing more than folks who want to exercise political power.”– Rhonda Holman