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So they said

Pompeo AP

Kansas’ 4th Congressional District was in the spotlight on Thursday, as Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, and the rest of the House panel on Benghazi quizzed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Among the reactions on Twitter:

▪ “First fact established today by Benghazi committee: Rep. Mike Pompeo will say anything about nothing.” – Roger Simon, chief political columnist for Politico

▪ “Clinton impressive maintaining her cool, but she’s badly losing this line of questioning from Mike Pompeo.” – Weekly Standard senior writer Stephen Hayes

▪ “Pompeo is barbecuing her.” “Mike Pompeo is sensational.” “Mike Pompeo is astonishing. Draft this guy for vice president.” – actor James Woods

“Why doesn’t Pompeo just go over and swear her in for president now – if he goes on like this he’ll practically get her elected.” – New York Post columnist and Commentary magazine editor John Podhoretz

▪ “In Rep. Pompeo’s world the secretary of state knows where all State employees are at all times.” – Boston Globe columnist Michael Cohen

▪ “Obama, Cruz, Pompeo, all Harvard Law grads: time for select committee to investigate it?” – author and Bloomberg contributor Sam Tanenhaus