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Donations will help Doc soar again

Congratulations to Doc’s Friends on a successful fundraising campaign to get the B-29 Superfortress back in the air. The Eagle reported Monday that the Kickstarter.com campaign to raise $137,500 had not yet reached half its goal, with 10 days left in the campaign. If it failed to meet the goal, the project wouldn’t get any of the money, per Kickstarter policy. But the campaign raised more than $68,000 in just two days and surged past the fundraising goal Thursday afternoon. The donations will pay for the fuel and oil, insurance and maintenance costs needed for the plane to earn an airworthiness certificate and achieve first flight. Thanks to the generosity of nearly 800 campaign donors – in addition to the 300,000 volunteer hours spent restoring the plane – Doc will soon soar again. – Phillip Brownlee