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Pompeo cast as defender of Benghazi probe

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, was cast in the role of defending the legitimacy of the special House committee on Benghazi against claims that its only goal is to hurt the presidential bid of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Pompeo made headlines for saying “this is worse” than Watergate “in some ways,” pointing to Clinton’s destruction of e-mails and the ongoing FBI probe. “What’s taken us so long is that the Democrats on the committee and this administration have played hide the ball and have denied us records that the American people deserve and that our committee needs to complete our investigation,” he said. Pompeo was challenged for saying that Clinton relied on outside adviser Sidney “Blumenthal for most of her intelligence,” with NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell jumping in to say, “that is factually not correct.... I cover the State Department. That is just factually not correct.” Amid some brutal reactions to Pompeo’s appearance on social media, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol tweeted that if Rep. Paul “Ryan says no, most likely next speaker is @RepMike Pompeo,” and former Politico senior editor David Mark tweeted that as speaker, Pompeo “would be Ted Cruz of the House. Elite credentials.” – Rhonda Holman