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Why Charles Koch came back to, stayed in Wichita

Koch Wichita Eagle

During an extensive interview with CBS News, Koch Industries CEO Charles Koch was asked why he was the only Koch brother still in Wichita. “Because my father said, ‘Either come back to run the company or I’m gonna sell it,’” Koch said. “And none of the others wanted to come back.” But Koch’s wife, Liz, added that was not the whole reason. “He could have moved many times. (He) could have moved Koch Industries anywhere in the world you wanted to,” she said. “But this is a great place for raising children and running a business with values.” Koch also was asked what he thought of the tea party, which Koch-backed groups helped seed. “To the extent the tea party is working to keep us from having a financial disaster, then they’re great,” he said. “If they’re doing other things that are limiting people’s choice and opportunity, then they’re not.” – Phillip Brownlee