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So they said

▪  “It would be best to go to my dad’s farm and get on a combine. Then you could move through – hopefully you’ve got enough fuel.” – Gov. Sam Brownback, pondering his own possible response to an incursion of the undead as he signed a proclamation declaring October “Zombie Preparedness Month”

▪  “I think a true leader admits a course correction is required.” – Rep. Melissa Rooker, R-Fairway, on the news that September state revenues were $32 million short of estimates

▪  “We have enough votes in the House Freedom Caucus to prevent anybody from being speaker.” – U.S. Rep. Tim Huelskamp, Fowler/Hutchinson, in the Hill newspaper

▪  “This has always been my favorite place. The Flint Hills has its own beauty. The only sounds you hear at night are coyotes and the wind.” – former Kansas Sen. Nancy Kassebaum Baker, about living in Morris County