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Kochs’ gift will further enrich Wichita’s cultural life

The Kochs and the arts have a proud, long-running partnership in Wichita, in part because visual art was such a passion of the late Mary Koch. Now Liz and Charles Koch and the family foundations are giving $10.5 million in land and funding for a new home for the Wichita Center for the Arts, on a prime open site at 13th and Rock. When the new art school opens, perhaps in 2018, it will fortify the vital tie between this prominent Wichita family and Wichita’s cultural life for the future, as more generations of aspiring artists come to the new facility for classes and exhibits. More individuals and businesses should answer the Kochs’ generosity with their own, and help the capital campaign raise another $8 million for the $18.5 million project. – Rhonda Holman