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So they said


▪  “We’re going to give you the state budget.” – Gov. Sam Brownback, joking to the State Fair board about having heard that the grandstand acts were making money for the first time in 17 years

▪  “Sixty is the new 40, so don’t worry about it.” – Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., as Brownback celebrated his 59th birthday at the fair on Saturday

▪  “They are 0-9 when it comes to the court actions in the last dozen years and yet somehow that’s my fault. If a coach goes 0-9, he gets fired.” – Newton attorney John Robb, on the Governor’s Office complaining about “ever-litigating” school districts

▪  “We’re very close but we’re all different.” – Elizabeth R. Koch, daughter of Charles Koch and niece of David Koch, describing herself as apolitical in a Wall Street Journal article about a new publishing company she founded in New York City