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State GOP sinks even lower with Carr brothers mailer

A campaign commercial for Gov. Sam Brownback that exploited the Carr brothers case was, in the words of former Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston, “beyond disgraceful.” But a mailer by the Kansas Republican Party on behalf of Brownback sinks even lower. It recounts the murders and rapes that Jonathan and Reginald Carr committed in Wichita in 2000 and claims that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis is “endangering the safety of your family.” Why would the state GOP and the Brownback campaign resort to such smears? An Oct. 22 memo from pollsters for the Brownback campaign said the race was statistically tied and recommended trying to link Davis’ support for how the state selects its Supreme Court justices to the court’s recent decision vacating the death sentences of the Carrs. Making such a connection, the pollsters said, “creates an opportunity for moving a significant number of voters.” But only if you have no shame. – Phillip Brownlee