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Is Koch waging a war on renewable energy?

“There is a war on energy being waged, but the target is not coal; it is renewable energy, namely wind and solar,” David Jenkins, president of Virginia-based Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship, wrote in the Hill newspaper. “The attack dogs in this war – all of which have ties to Koch Industries and include Americans for Prosperity, American Energy Alliance and the American Legislative Exchange Council – frame their attacks as a defense of the free market and fiscal conservatism,” but they are really concerned about protecting the fossil fuel industry from competition and preserving their own subsidies, Jenkins argued. But Koch Industries CEO Charles Koch said recently that his company also opposes subsidies for fossil fuels. “We are not trying to prevent new clean energy businesses from succeeding,” Koch said. “Any business that’s economical, that can succeed in the marketplace, any form of energy, we’re all for.” – Phillip Brownlee