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Kansas losing ground on economic measures

In conceding that Kansas is trailing the region and nation in many economic measures, some backers of Gov. Sam Brownback’s policies argue that the state has long trailed the rest of the country but is now gaining ground. However, the most recent quarterly report from the Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors shows that Kansas ranked better 10 years ago than it does today on several measures, Yael T. Abouhalkah of the Kansas City Star reported. For example, Kansas’ gross state product grew at a higher rate during the past 10 years than the U.S. average and was only slightly lower than the six Midwestern competitors; the current and five-year growth rates are lower than both. Ten years ago, Kansas was tied with its Midwest competitors and slightly ahead of the U.S. rate for personal income growth; now it has significantly less than both. – Phillip Brownlee