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Kobach blaming victims of proof-of-citizenship law

If somebody told Derby, population 23,000, it couldn’t vote, that wouldn’t go over well. Yet about the same number of Kansans are at risk of being unable to vote in the general election because their registrations are in limbo, thanks to the law forcing would-be voters as of 2013 to present documentation proving U.S. citizenship before their registrations can be completed. Instead of taking responsibility for the “suspended” voters, Secretary of State Kris Kobach has taken to disparaging them. During a debate last week with Democratic challenger Jean Schodorf, Kobach said it was unknown how many of the 23,000 on the suspended list were actually citizens. And he recently told the New York Times: “They go to the DMV and the lady says, ‘Do you want to register to vote?’ They don’t want to seem rude so they say yes. They don’t really have the intention of voting.” So does the state’s chief elections officer, in addition to being the self-described “guardian of state sovereignty,” also read minds? – Rhonda Holman