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Fight over Art Hall’s e-mails ends in settlement

It’s good that Art Hall, executive director of the Center for Applied Economics at the University of Kansas, dropped his lawsuit aimed at blocking a KU student group from obtaining copies of some of his work e-mails. Hall, KU and the student group agreed to a settlement that released some of the documents, the Lawrence Journal-World reported. A few items of note in the documents: The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation funded the creation of the center in 2004 and over the years has paid for most of Hall’s salary and his efforts to develop “intellectual products” to be used “as a tool in economic policy debates.” Hall, who is a former economist for the Public Sector Group of Koch Industries, is the center’s sole employee. Hall told the Journal-World that the Koch Foundation was not influencing what he taught or the research he does for the center, though he and the foundation have the same political views. – Phillip Brownlee