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Suffrage event wasn’t all nonpartisan nostalgia

Wichita Eagle

The League of Women Voters-Wichita/Metro’s celebration of the 95th anniversary of the 19th Amendment on Wednesday at Wichita State University had some hard partisan edges. Immigration attorney Sandrine Lisk stirred the crowd by questioning the accuracy of the 2014 election results. Aiming at the restrictive voter-registration and voter-ID laws pushed through by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, she said: “Everyone, and I mean everyone, must be able to vote,” she said. Both former Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger and 2014 Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Jill Docking, while reflecting on the progress of women in public life, had sharp words for the current leadership in Topeka. Praeger strongly called for Medicaid expansion, saying it will “more than pay for itself” in job creation while insuring many more Kansans. She also complained about the block-grant school law and last week’s meeting at which less than half of earmarked “extraordinary needs” funding was allocated to districts. “The experiment is not working,” Praeger said, referring to Gov. Sam Brownback’s description of his tax cuts as a “real live experiment.” Docking warned that axing the state income tax would lead to higher sales and property taxes. “This is our Kansas and we are not leaving and we are not giving up,” Docking said, calling for people to get informed and involved in coming elections. – Rhonda Holman