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Why is ‘no’ side picking on Wichita’s vote?

The amount of money being spent on the campaign against Wichita’s 1-cent citywide sales tax is extraordinary – $436,565 on broadcast and radio advertising so far, swamping the $58,200 spent by the “yes” side. Not coincidentally, Wichita’s Koch Industries is opposing the sales tax, and the company and campaign have close ties. But there has been no comparable advertising onslaught targeting any of the other recent local sales tax initiatives in the area. Goddard, Haysville, Winfield and Mulvane all saw votes to raise sales tax earlier this year. Andover, Bel Aire and Valley Center will vote on sales tax questions Nov. 4. Why pick on Wichita, which is unusual in the area and state for having no citywide sales tax? – Rhonda Holman