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State Income tax revenue staying at low level

The Wichita Eagle

One month’s income tax revenue is merely a snapshot, but former state budget director Duane Goossen says the past four year’s July tax collections illustrate the state’s ongoing budget challenge. This past July, the state collected $153 million in individual income tax revenue. That’s only slightly more than the $148 million collected in July 2014, but less than the $163 million collected in July 2013 and the $205 million collected in July 2012. “Dramatic income tax policy changes began to take effect in 2013, causing a sharp revenue decline, and now income tax receipts are staying down at that low level,” Goossen wrote. Lawmakers and Gov. Sam Brownback raised the statewide sales tax to help cover this income tax drop, but sales tax revenue has been less than predicted each of the past three months. – Phillip Brownlee