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So they said

Norton The Wichita Eagle

▪  “The things that make Wichita so unique are not the roads.... Anybody that I’ve ever talked to that knows about Wichita or why they like Wichita don’t tell me, ‘Well, I like the road going to X.’” – Sedgwick County Commissioner Tim Norton, at Wednesday’s budget hearing

▪  “I also agree with Commissioner Norton about that people, when they think of Wichita, they don’t think about having great roads. That’s because they’re full of potholes. Because as (city officials have) admitted, for the last few decades they’ve neglected to take care of their roads and now they say they need to have more money to do it.” – Commission Chairman Richard Ranzau

▪  “There’s probably a short list of 15 people.” – Kansas Republican Party chairman Kelly Arnold, when asked about potential GOP candidates for governor in 2018