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How about a ‘Robert Dole Senate Office Building’?

“Hey, United States Senate: What in the world are you still doing with a building named in honor of Richard Russell?” asked Michael Tomasky, writing for the Daily Beast. The other two senators honored with Senate office buildings – Republican Everett Dirksen and Democrat Phil Hart – were “completely honorable men,” Tomasky wrote. But he said that former Georgia Democratic Sen. Russell was “a racist and a segregationist” who held back civil rights and integration. Though Tomasky said he’d like to see the building renamed to honor Democrat Hubert Humphrey, he said: “Give it to a Republican. How about the Robert Dole Senate Office Building? He’s not exactly my dish of Kansas corn on a number of issues, but by cracky, as a young member of the House of Representatives, he voted for the civil rights bill in 1964. And then of course there was his later work on civil rights for the disabled. That’s reversal enough of Russellism for me. And he’s still alive, and it would be a nice thing for him, and into the bargain the Senate could make up for that shameful slap it administered to Dole’s face three years ago over that U.N. disabilities treaty.” – Rhonda Holman