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After Amazon goes, will Kansas customers pay sales tax?

One unanswered question about Amazon’s decision to close its Coffeyville warehouse is whether that will affect Kansas’ status as one of 23 states in which Amazon purchases are subject to sales tax. Amazon customers have to pay sales tax in states where the company has a physical presence. “Once Amazon closes the distribution facility, we will have to look at what sort of continuing presence they may maintain in the state, either through property, employees, agents or other representatives in the state, and make a determination at that time,” Kansas Department of Revenue spokeswoman Jeannine Koranda told The Eagle editorial board. Though Amazon-using Kansans would be happy to see their purchases suddenly free of sales tax, that change would cost the state revenue (when it needs every dime) and disadvantage the brick-and-mortar Kansas businesses that compete with the online retailer. – Rhonda Holman