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Unlike Brownback, Jindal escaping blame for tax hike

Jindal AP

Unlike his Kansas counterpart, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal somehow was able to argue credibly this month that he hadn’t raised taxes when he had, because a new “fee” on college students worth $350 million to the state was offset by a tax credit they’d been extended in the same amount. Some Louisiana lawmakers called it “money laundering,” but anti-tax activist Grover Norquist didn’t object. Not coincidentally, Jindal announced his presidential run Wednesday. Meanwhile, Kansas Democrats and Norquist’s state-affairs manager, Will Upton, agree that Gov. Sam Brownback just signed a giant tax increase. Upton told the Atlantic: “The governor needs to learn, and I think a lot of the people in the Legislature (need) to learn, when you cut taxes in the manner that they have, you need to also cut spending.” Even conservative lawmakers argued they’d done all the cutting available, but Upton claimed “they didn’t really try.” – Rhonda Holman