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Tax increase won’t solve all of state’s budget problems


Despite the Legislature’s passage of the largest tax increase in state history, Joseph Henchman of the conservative-leaning Tax Foundation in Washington, D.C., expects more budget problems and likely more tax increases in Kansas’ future. “The narrow surpluses now projected depend on a big boost in revenue in 2018 (4.7 percent) over the previous year, constrained spending growth each year (1.2 percent), no further diversions of income tax revenue caused by the pass-through exclusion, and $50 million of further unidentified spending cuts,” he wrote. “If any of these prove untrue, a budget gap of tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of dollars, would reopen.” One large expenditure not accounted for in the budget and tax plans: the strong likelihood that the state will lose the school funding lawsuit. – Phillip Brownlee