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Kansas welfare rules ironic, mean-spirited


“These days, if you want to find irony in its most exquisite form, you need to look at the Kansas of Sam Brownback,” author Michael Sean Winters wrote in the National Catholic Reporter. He noted how conservative legislators – who champion individual freedom, less regulation and smaller government – imposed micromanaging restrictions on welfare benefits, including the daily $25 cap on ATM withdrawals. He also noted that the rules are aimed at combating a problem that doesn’t really exist (most welfare recipients are single moms, and they aren’t going on cruises). “The problem of helping the poor live lives of dignity without creating a culture of dependency is not an easy problem,” Winters wrote. “But the new legislation in Kansas is demonstrably not the way to move forward. It is mean-spirited. It is hypocritical. It is stupid.” – Phillip Brownlee