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Letters to the Editor (July 1)

No faith in fire department

Early last Sunday morning, Andale residents awoke to a lightning-induced fire at St. Joseph Church. The church is the heart of our community. Many parishioners are descendants of the founding families who sacrificed greatly to erect this 1913 structure for the use of future generations.

We are grateful for the brave efforts the firefighters put forth that day and pray for the speedy recovery of the two firemen who were injured.

It is tough to comprehend how authorities made the decision to remove the Wichita Fire Department’s 100-foot aerial ladder truck at a critical time. This difficult fire was concentrated in the roof peak and attic space, high off the ground. Without the WFD truck, the fire progressed and expanded. Later that morning, firefighters gained control after a similar unit came in from Newton. We are very thankful for the assistance from Harvey County.

This unfortunate event has severely damaged our trust in the WFD administration. Another pathway could have been to allow that truck to finish the job, which would have demonstrated a solid working relationship between Wichita and rural Sedgwick County. Change should be implemented to ensure that a similar error in judgment does not occur again.

Kent Winter, Mount Hope

How we got a July 4

Without the Revolutionary War, there would not be an Independence Day.

At 10:30 a.m. on the Fourth of July at Wichita’s Veterans Memorial Park, join a “Celebration of Independence,” conducted by the VMP Board. It will also commemorate the newest of the many memorials at the park, the American Revolution Memorial. Its centerpiece was installed Thursday.

This memorial began in 2010 with an “explosion” rather than a ribbon cutting. It has been a long time coming, depending on donations made by many with purchases of tiles celebrating people, places, skirmishes, involved in the Revolutionary War. An historical salt-fired mural has been on the surround wall for a few years, depicting people who helped “America of that day” to be free from her European chains.

Come celebrate Wednesday and bring a chair. The park is located west of 2nd Street and Waco on Veterans Parkway. A small parking lot is available east of Westar Energy; handicap accessible drop-off is on the parkway heading southeast.

F.D. Sharp, Wichita

Bipartisan support

Thank you to Rep. Lynn Jenkins and Rep. Kevin Yoder for joining the Climate Solutions Caucus, a nonpartisan caucus that mandates equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats.

This signals Congress is able to work together to find solutions for issues of our time. Being mired down in partisan politics, unable to even to speak to our neighbors about the issues that impact us, has made us unable to find any solutions. This has been my greatest despair.

I now have renewed hope in Kansas and in America. Thank you for being true leaders and making a difference that counts. Carbon Fee and Dividend is a real solution, does not grow government, and removes carbon from the atmosphere faster than any other proposal on its own. It also will stimulate our economy.

It takes courage, commitment and vision. It provides Kansas a seat at the table in discussions involving climate change that impact everyone, every business, and our security. You have made me proud to be in Kansas.

I look forward to the passage of carbon fee and dividend legislation.

Rebecca Armstrong, Bel Aire

No flip-flopping

I read a story about Wichita banning flip-flops for teachers (“Wichita teacher contract could ban beach flip-flops,” June 22 Eagle). I agree wholeheartedly with this.

Flip-flops are not designed to be worn for 8-10 hours a day. Flip-flops have no support for your feet. They are called “beach flip-flops” for a reason. Sandals yes, flip-flops no.

As a retired early childhood professional, very few teachers wore flip-flops where I worked. I also remember the comments I heard from parents about how unprofessional and tacky teachers looked at other schools wearing flip-flops.

Carol Turner, Wichita

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