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O’Donnell-pushed BYOB measure bad for Wichita

You’d expect a former member of the Wichita City Council to look out for the public safety of Wichita now that he’s is the Kansas Senate. Yet last week Sen. Michael O’Donnell, R-Wichita, successfully pushed an amendment to a bill about alcohol at catered events that would enable any business to allow any customer to consume booze on the premises. According to earlier testimony by the city of Wichita against this “bring-your-own-bottle” provision, the measure “will create enormous law enforcement problems. There are a number of businesses that would use the opportunity to foster illegal activity and circumvent the intent of existing statutory boundaries that regulate alcohol consumption.” The House voted Tuesday to send the amended bill to conference committee, which Wichitans can hope will think better of the BYOB provision. – Rhonda Holman