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So they said


▪  “We’re going to have to walk out with a balanced budget, and if we are unwilling to address the tax problem then we’re going to have to come forward with cuts. That will look rather ugly.” – Senate President Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, in the Topeka Capital-Journal

▪  “At the start of the session, I thought this would be a honey bun idea. I would really find some savings here.” – House Appropriations Committee Chairman Ron Ryckman Jr., R-Olathe, on how he learned there would be little budget savings from leaving open state jobs unfilled

▪  “I was unaware Johnson Countians drink beer. I thought it was only Champagne.” – Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce, R-Hutchinson, as he tried to persuade senators to let grocery stores sell full-strength beer

▪  “I thought it would be magnificent if it was just his own little ringtone, but I heard he does have kid, grandkids.” – Broadway and “Frozen” singer Idina Menzel, saying at a recent D.C. event that she “loved it” when Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts’ cellphone played “Let it Go” during a committee hearing