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Might Sedgwick County Zoo need a new name?

If the current Sedgwick County Commission’s foolish idea to monkey with the county’s five-year contract with the Sedgwick County Zoo plays out to a worst-case scenario of a break in the five-decade relationship, it would be terrible for the attraction and the community. But it would free the zoo to do what the late Eagle editorial page editor Randy Brown once advocated, to howls from the community: rename the place. Arguing in 1999 that “Sedgwick County Zoo” sounded clunky and provincial – like a “li’l ol’ zoo on the prairie” that an unknowing visitor might expect to have “two llamas and an old buffalo” – Brown suggested ZooWichita, ZooKansas, Kansas Wild or Wichita’s Wild Place. One high-ranked county official suggested The Randy Brown Is an Idiot Zoo. – Rhonda Holman