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Too bad lawmakers couldn’t help process tax returns

The Eagle’s Bryan Lowry reported that tens of thousands of envelopes from state income tax filers remained unopened earlier this week, likely at least in part because of short staffing related to budget cuts, and that some Kansans who filed electronically several weeks ago were awaiting refund checks. A Kansas Department of Revenue spokeswoman told Lowry on Monday that the backlog of paper returns should be processed by the end of the week. Not only is it bad form for the state to sit on either checks or refunds longer than absolutely necessary, but the state leaders trying to close the budget gap need to know the amount of cash on hand. Too bad rank-and-file lawmakers couldn’t be drafted to help KDOR catch up. Most of them have time on their hands, as a select few legislative leaders are involved in the fiscal negotiations and substantive floor debate has been limited so far during the wrap-up session. – Rhonda Holman