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Masterson urged caution on school funding requests


Gov. Sam Brownback and legislative leaders approved less than half of the $1.1 million in additional funding requested by eight school districts. The money came from an “extraordinary needs” fund the Legislature created to help school districts unusually harmed by the new block-grant funding system or facing other unforeseen expenses. Sen. Ty Masterson, R-Andover – who in championing the block grants had said that “no district under this plan should have to cut a planned expenditure” – urged State Finance Council members Tuesday to be cautious about approving funding requests. “If you attempt to use those funds for the purpose of fixing all of the garbage from the old system, then that’s – I’m not sure where that train gets off,” he said. But Mike Sanders, superintendent of the Skyline district in Pratt, told the council that his district is “pretty much running on fumes.” – Phillip Brownlee