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State leaders need to get Uber back

Kansas was back in the national headlines this week as Uber overreacted to a legislative override of a veto by Gov. Sam Brownback by shutting down in the state – making Kansans look like rubes who can’t get on board with this app-based ride-sharing service. Both sides in this dispute have merit. Legislators want to ensure passengers are safe and insurance coverage is comprehensive. The governor and Uber want Kansas to be a welcoming state for a still-emerging transportation industry that, for example, could be a godsend to Wichita when Intrust Bank Arena hosts NCAA basketball tournament rounds in 2018. True, Uber has bungled its advocacy at the Statehouse, compounding the bad impression with its pullout. But the responsibility rests with state leaders to work through this so Kansas doesn’t remain an Uber-free zone for long. – Rhonda Holman