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Kansas GOP director blasts waitress’ ‘utter ignorance’

Clay Barker, executive director of the Kansas Republican Party, is standing by his harsh criticism of a waitress who wrote “tip the schools” on Gov. Sam Brownback’s bill at a Topeka restaurant. News reports about the waitress’ action quickly spread across the state and nation last weekend. On comments about the story on the Facebook page of KSN, Channel 3, Barker posted: “So you are publicizing her arrogant stupidity and utter ignorance. Typical liberal KS media.” When contacted later by the Topeka Capital-Journal, Barker said his comment was “perfectly in line with the party’s role – we get to say what everyone is thinking,” and he asked why the media aren’t doing news stories on “the thousands of people who have said complimentary things about the governor.” – Phillip Brownlee