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More caution answer to speeding, accidental shootings

The troubling articles in the Sunday Eagle about the rise in accidental shootings and the persistent problem of speeding and related crashes in Wichita had something in common, beyond the tragic tolls in lives and property and the impact on the costs of health care and public safety: Both trends demonstrate how citizens’ exercise of personal responsibility can fall short of state leaders’ expectations. But it’s unlikely that lawmakers will lower speed limits, including the 75 mph on some highways that has led to soaring rates of deaths and injuries since 2011. Nor are the Legislature and governor going to undo the new law enabling Kansans, as of July 1, to carry concealed guns without training or license. The hope must be that Kansans will act more wisely and cautiously with their cars and firearms, justifying elected officials’ trust in them. – Rhonda Holman