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Not all reactions negative to Kansas’ welfare bill

Responses continue to come in to the Kansas bill full of prohibitions on how welfare assistance can be spent. “All are the kind of fantastical big government heavy-handedness that would send conservatives into apoplectic convulsions if suggested in any other area of public life (or if suggested by Michelle Obama at all),” wrote Robert Schlesinger for U.S. News & World Report. Eleanor Clift wrote for the Daily Beast: “The list of prohibited items reads like something out of the Legion of Decency, a now defunct Catholic organization that rated films according to their moral content.” But Chelsi Henry, an attorney and environmental policy adviser who once watched her mother stretch welfare checks, wrote in the Washington Post “that nail salons and amusement parks aren’t necessities – and if you’re coming to taxpayers for help, then taxpayers are well within their rights to make sure you don’t spend their money frivolously.” – Rhonda Holman