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Don’t push Uber out of Kansas

Threatening to pull out of Wichita, Kansas City and the rest of the state, the ride-sharing service Uber has had a truck with a sign saying “SB 117 Destroys Kansas Jobs” circle downtown Topeka in a campaign to persuade Gov. Sam Brownback to veto the bill requiring insurance and background checks. Especially given problems in other states, lawmakers were right to seek to safeguard Kansans. But Uber, Lyft and other app-driven car services are big free-market success stories. With more work on legislation, surely the governor and his fellow conservatives at the Statehouse could avoid walling off Kansas from this transportation trend. If one motivation for the bill was the annoying deluge of pro-Uber e-mails to legislators, that’s troubling, too. Legislation should be judged on its merits, not lobbying missteps. – Rhonda Holman