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Opinion Line (Sept. 17)

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I didn’t appreciate the political anti-Trump type of questions that the judges gave the contestants in the Miss America pageant. I may not watch it next year.

What happened to Equifax shows what can happen when a company depends on team players. In theory the concept sounds good, but in reality the team is only looking out for the other players.

Thank the school board for the traffic congestion at 13th and Tyler. Kids, residents and people working at other local business can’t get into or out of the driveways.

If you think the news is fake, you’re either watching Fox, or Trump has gained another sucker.

Elizabeth Bishop must be doing something right. Americans for Prosperity are after her.

Thank goodness there are some unpaved streets in Wichita — they are passable during floods.

Don Quixote was laughed at for tilting at windmills. Kris Quixote tilts at voter fraud with much the same result.

Dozens of pairs of shoes looted from one store in Miami, and not a single pair of work boots stolen.

I moved into an HOA community about 10 months ago and my HOA dues has only gone up 67 percent so far.

So what number is President Trump’s new grandson in line for succession to the presidency?

Maybe the school board should try Uber. At Northeast Magnet, there are 30 plus buses dropping or picking up and there might be one or two kids on each huge bus.

The only reason you’d be against the end of the illegal DACA program is if you have an anti-American bias.

How many explosions have happened in Butler County the last two years? Seems like they need to check propane tanks in rural areas.

Our government should get out of the flood insurance business. It just encourages people to live in flood-prone areas at taxpayer expense.

So many who will buy a $1,000 iPhone still haven’t discovered the turn-signal lever on their cars.

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