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Marshall a great match for WSU, Wichita

It’s great news that Wichita State University and men’s basketball coach Gregg Marshall have reached an agreement to keep him coaching the Shockers. Marshall is a hot commodity, given all his coaching success and the way he runs a quality program with such high integrity. Some Wichitans may object to how much WSU will pay Marshall next year – reportedly about $3 million. But he could earn even more at bigger schools. And Marshall’s worth extends beyond the basketball court. The Shockers’ success helps with student recruitment and fundraising (and T-shirt sales), elevating WSU’s name and profile nationally. Marshall and the Shockers also have energized Wichita, giving citizens one more reason to be proud of their community. In return, Marshall and his wife, Lynn, have shown great affection for Wichita and been involved in local charities. It’s a match made in basketball heaven. – Phillip Brownlee