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The GOP is crafting healthcare behind closed doors (using an almost all-male group) that will reduce the number insured by up to 23 million. The rich reap the tax cuts and many will lose coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Lying used to be the unacceptable exception to the rule. We also used to have an appreciation for the rule of law. Sadly, today we have the rule of lies, and it is acceptable.

Almost no public pools left. Oh, but I note the golf course nearby has dozens of shiny brand new golf carts, for rich people. And why should I expect any different?

We should widen the Arkansas River downtown and put some boat docks and pontoons on it.

The whole country is worried about healthcare and better-paying jobs, but the Democrats are only worried about Russian involvement in the past election. No one cares, Democrats.

I am so pleased the Kansas legislature looked so long to find a method to not cut spending by raising my already-high taxes.

Start school 10 minutes earlier? Really, the roads should be clear by then? I think the school board needs to find something to do.

Repeal and don’t replace Obamacare. The government needs to stick to what is the government’s purview and leave the free market system to the free market system. Do they try to “fix” the cost of gas? Electricity? All other kinds of insurance? No. Because it’s not the government’s job. Pay your own way is the American way.

Trump’s proposed budget would slash the federal crop insurance program by more than $28 billion over 2018-2027. Farmers in Kansas would see a 36 percent cut to crop insurance. Now would you still vote for him?

Notice to all grocers: We will not purchase anything which contains high fructose corn syrup. Period.

Some 30% of Kansas children are living in poverty. This is double what it was in just 2005. The far right Republican "leadership" has failed our children. Kansas' future does not need any more "help" from the GOP.

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