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Opinion Line (June 13)

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How much are the 4-inch hotdogs and a beer? If you can afford to watch a Wingnuts ball game now, I think you have a new park in your future.

The front page article on military tombstones was wonderful. So much info that needs to be shared, thank you. Nice work Beccy Tanner!

I heard Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell say that Wichita has passed Cleveland in population. If that is true, why does Cleveland have a major league baseball team, an NFL team and an NBA team, and Wichita has a minor league baseball team and a minor league hockey team?

I am a veteran, and it really bothers me that our president dodged the draft during the Vietnam era. Heel spurs? Seriously? Have you noticed him having any trouble walking lately? Or ever? I didn’t think so.

If NATO countries increase military spending to take more responsibility for mutual defense, we should be able to cut our military spending.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected with help from Russian meddling and then had her son-in-law making backdoor deals with Russia, we would be in full-blown impeachment mode right now. The GOP is protecting party interests over our country.

If Trump can tweet and insult people, the door swings both ways. He is under the impression that the swearing-in ceremony was his ascension to the throne.

I am amazed how short a memory Democrats have. They need to remember all these actions they have disgraced themselves by how they treated Republicans, what comes around goes around.

Breaking Cat News has quickly become one of my favorite strips. Thank you!

Despite what commercials ask us to ask our doctors about some new drug, don’t you think that it should be the doctors’ job to recommend said drugs to us if they thought they’d be efficacious in treating our specific conditions?

Like a crack addict who can’t seem to think about anything other than his next fix, liberals can’t seem to think about anything but spewing their emotions at the world.

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