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Opinion Line (June 12, 2017)

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Why limit the information patients receive about a doctor to only abortions? Shouldn’t anyone who is planning an invasive procedure be given the information the legislators want abortion patients to receive?

Cutting taxes for people that have everything they want is no incentive for them to spend more.

Mayor Longwell, please join the mayors of many other leading cities in this country and pledge that Wichita will continue to maintain the standards set forth in the Paris climate agreement.

I and my wife began serious save-the-Earth practices in the early 1970s, but with the prevailing mood of the younger generations we just don’t care anymore. You’ll pay some day.

Eight men have as much wealth as four billion people combined, but yes, that person in front of you at the grocery store with food stamps is the problem.

It seems to me that Sam Brownback should be called “Governor Veto.”

The contributor stated that it is a fact that most college graduates vote Democrat. Have you not noticed that the most “educated” among us have the least common sense?

In this age of drones, nothing on the surface is safe. We should concentrate our military spending on subs and drones.

When has it ever worked to try to revive old technologies (like coal) to create jobs? Call me when you see a new Blockbuster open up on the corner.

When you start paying a high subscription price to listen to conservative radio shows, then you can complain about needing more liberal viewpoints. And FYI, conservative talk show hosts do allow liberal call-ins.

The division of our country came when George W. Bush declared you are either with us or against us regarding his illegal war. Then the religious goofballs came out of the woodwork. It’s been divided ever since.

Great to have Doc in town, but have to believe a countless number of Wichitans would trade it in a minute to have Boeing with their jobs and benefits back here. Boeing’s departure ripped the heart out of Wichita.

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