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Opinion Line (June 9)

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The online and in-house service provided by our Wichita Public Library system is top notch and a real plus for our community. Thank You!

Any attempt by mankind to change the mind of Mother Nature is futile. You can alter a river’s course, but, given enough time, it will go back to where it was intended to be. Climate change? Save your money.

I predict there will need to be many special elections to replace Democratic congress members who will soon be surfaced with corrupt activities during Obama’s reign of error.

Let BTK live in his own personal hell of obscurity. Stop giving him any attention, as in Sunday’s paper.

Duh - The Congress members who are denying Trump’s refugee ban work and play behind guarded and secure doors and are not subject to everyday terror actions.

I tried to read “Breaking Cat News” but gave up when I saw all the characters were rabbits.

I guess “Breaking Cat News” is growing on me. I actually found myself smiling while reading it the other day.

The advent of the automobile was bad for horse breeders and buggy makers but it took a lot of manure off the streets. The Paris accord is bad for the energy companies but it will take a lot of carbon out of the atmosphere.

While I feel we do need to be good stewards of the environment and what God has given us, I don’t feel that the screwball Paris Climate Agreement was the way.

I thought the River Festival was supposed to be about the river not about a helicopter constantly flying overhead annoying and distracting.

To all the Little League coaches out there who fail to put your patient little “not good enough” bench sitters in the game when you know you are losing by a wide margin - shame on you!

Please put rubber or a non slick floor at all the new splash parks. Buffalo park splash park is so slick a kid is falling every two minutes. Not fun for parents or kids who fall and bonk heads on concrete.

In Christianity, you don’t enter paradise because you killed someone, you enter because someone (Jesus Christ) was killed for you!

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