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Opinion Line (June 8)

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The Riverfest fireworks were scheduled to start at 10 pm on Friday. They started early, and were over by 9:47 pm. Why the rush to start them? Some people were still arriving to see them and missed them.

Like her presidential run, Hillary is still emphasizing the weaknesses in others without one shred of positive "she" can offer.

Gotta laugh at the green tree folks willing to kill a forest making all the protest signs, then litter the grounds with them when they leave. Hypocrites.

The lack of summer grass mowing near public school playgrounds results in grass too tall for my 2-year-old granddaughter to run around in without falling.

I bet you will never get China, the worst polluting country, to sign an agreement for cutting its nasty pollution. Its residents have to wear masks. We get some of their pollution in the United States.

Now that Trump and the Republicans have declared global warming a hoax, I will begin dumping oil, paint, thinners, etc., down the sewer. No sense in recycling now.

No one knows what our weather was in times past. Are people really that guilty feeling about the environment that they think they have the power to control the weather?

President Trump is just blowing more hot air when he touts bringing back high-paying union jobs. Republicans have spent the last 15 years destroying unions.

Progressives and liberals protest and complain about hate, racism, climate change, etc., but when will they learn you gotta go vote.

Why should the president get to control our thinking on climate control? How about a vote from the public?

People employed by the coal industry: 75,000. People employed in the solar power industry: 260,000. Tell me again how this was about jobs.

I’m not sure what level patches need to be before a street is repaved. There are places on the east side with close to 30 percent covered in patches. Must need to be 75 percent or more.

Reusable Water Bottles not allowed at Riverfest. How about no smoking or maybe even no drinking? Let’s get our priorities straight.

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