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Thank God America now has a president willing to throw a few elbows when discussing vital subjects with other world leaders.

President Trump has a lot bigger problems than the Russian investigation, his travel ban, or North Korea. Melania swatting his hand away when he tried to grasp it on his recent overseas trip speaks volumes.

How high is the wall around the Vatican?

Seems like liberals want the U.S. to become just like Europe: divided, terrorized and financially unstable.

Both sides have been duped by the misinformation that the far right and far left disseminate regularly. Tragically, it is our democracy that suffers. Elections are being swayed by fanatics like Rush Limbaugh and Jon Stewart. Fact check should be a mantra.

Gov. Sam Brownback promised great economic sunshine for Kansas. President Trump has promised greatness for the country. So far the only people to get “greatness” are businesses, the rich and the president’s own family businesses.

The recently passed House abortion disclosure bill is ridiculous. There is no information on there that is necessary to help a woman making a decision about whether or not to have an abortion as opposed to any other procedure.

When I read about the Kansas Legislature, I want to go up there and see how they are wasting their time and wasting our money.

I don’t want Kansas to be adequate. I want our schools to be the best. I want our roads and bridges to be the best. I want graduates from everywhere to hope they find a job in Kansas.

Our city is plain because 25 years ago in the midst of prosperity our leaders did not have a grand plan to beautify Wichita. Every business owner should be required to plant trees in the area between streets and parking lots.

How does allowing children at school (who are not ill) to lie on the floor or recline on a pillow or easy chair prepare them for a responsible and productive adulthood?

Archie Bunker was a hero in some ways. He was a hardworking, blue-collar soul who was proud of his country.

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