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Opinion Line (May 29)

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For Liberals, standards have gone out the window; no hypocrisy is too great, no conspiracy theory too insane for someone on the left to advance it and its army to believe.

If Donald Trump wants to avoid being the subject of a “Witch Hunt” then he needs to stop making statements and doing things that look like he’s covering something up.

As the Russian-link scandal continues to boil out of control, Trump has decided to get out of Dodge by going abroad, but Nixon tried the same thing at the height of Watergate and it didn’t save his presidency either.

Real Americans want Congress members to unite our country, not separate people more.

Donald, your enemies and our enemies are after you, but just ignore all that, and get on with doing the things we elected you to do.

I think we have a beautiful First Lady.

I hate it that Bill Warren sold his theaters. Those are some of the nicest facilities in the country. I hope the new owners take pride in what he has built here in Wichita.

Concerning the former FBI director’s memo, check your Webster’s Dictionary please. Hoping something is done is not the same as requesting or directing something be done.

The Democrats are finally getting their way with the appointment of a special prosecutor. Wonder if they realize he might find some things out that’s going to make the Democrats not look so good.

The city strikes again with prohibiting the curb signs turned to art by a budding young artist trying to make his claim in a very difficult market. Does the name Basquiat ring a bell to the city fathers?

Thank you Bill Warren for investing in Wichita. So many people, young and old, have enjoyed sharing your vision. It will be exciting to watch for the next chapter.

Wichita is still mourning the fact that it tore down the Miller Theater, and now we are going to make the same mistake with Century II.

If people would focus on the religious faith and principles that established this great country, we could work together to get things done and spend less time on spreading hate and discord.

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