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Opinion Line (May 28)

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Trump fired Comey because he was someone he had to look up to. He prefers to look down on everyone.

Help your neighbor up instead of knocking him down.

Dear Paul Ryan, I know why Comey did not do something when the President made his request; he chose to ignore the President and continue with his job knowing it would have made no difference if he made the comments public at the time.

Trump’s predecessor couldn’t wait to take his first foreign trip, whereas Trump wants to first fix our own problems.

I’m always amazed at people who paid too much for a house a few years ago and are now attempting to sell it for even more, and doing almost nothing now or in the past to the house or the property to accomplish that.

Kansas is so overwhelmingly conservative that the Republican party has been able to turn our state into a laboratory for far-right experiments. We need to resist Brownback, Kobach and the rest of the mad scientists who warp our democracy.

Heck, I’d believe Putin before I’d believe Rachel Maddow.

Curious, all these TV ads showing dead and dying people who smoked – did they not know what was going to happen to them? I hope all children, youth and young adults are taking note. Don’t smoke!

Is there anything that Trump can’t do? No, really. Is there anything he can’t do?

A message for John McCain. I admire the strength and courage you displayed as a POW, but you stink as a politician. Now kindly butt out and quit trying to sabotage Trump’s presidency.

President Trump and his buddy Putin employ similar methods of management. Terminate and replace civil servants who ask questions about wrongdoing and report problems that are found.

Why should parents be responsible for their kids? They have the public schools to feed, clothe, and provide for their blessed darlings.

No matter how long and loud they blather on, Dems will not prove that the President is in bed with the Russians. Sorry folks, it just ain’t so.

It is essential that TV coverage of severe weather be intense in affected areas. However, modern technology could easily allow normal programming in unaffected areas.

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