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Opinion Line (May 27)

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Gosh, I’m surprised The billionaire we elected to help the little guy is giving the ultra-rich a trillion dollar tax cut.

When will we learn? Money doesn’t grow on trees. It is given back to the wealthy and now we may eliminate estate taxes, so their offspring can inherit all of it...and the cycle continues.

It should be blatantly evident to us all by now, whether Democrat or Republican: Having been in business, by itself doesn’t even come close to providing all the qualities and experience for someone to be president of the United States.

Legislators who permit guns in psychiatric hospitals belong in them.

When Chuck Schumer gave his spiel about ours being a nation of law, and did so with a straight face after eight years of Obama flouting the law, I burst out laughing.

I agree with the writer who said we need 50 additional officers on Kellogg, I-235, etc. Put them in vehicles that are not so obvious, and you will see the hundreds of violations the rest of us see every day.

Never before in the USA has the main unfair media been so mean and disrespectful to our sitting president. What are we teaching our youth in this country? We all need to pray for our president and our leaders.

Before the state of Kansas paroles any murderer they need to ask themselves: How are the victims doing? Did they come back to life? Do their families still mourn for them?

The people in the area of the Pawnee bridge over the Arkansas River have been waiting forever to get it fixed. It’s time for the contractor to get with it! The city commissioners don’t seem to care.

Are Ron Estes and other “Representatives” (they don’t represent me) scared to have a regular face-to-face town hall meeting? They threw us under the bus on health care.

Why are some of our elected officials so intent on making Wichita seem as bland as possible? A city with nothing unique or colorful about it will not stand out .Century II is one of the landmarks of Wichita. Our goal should not be to be the same as every other city in the Midwest.

With all the nonstop hype about the weather, I fully expect one of the stations to hire the man from the car ads to jump around a flooded street and maybe get on top of stalled car.

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