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Opinion Line (May 24)

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The guy that sold the pie idea to Wichita leaders for Century II must know a lot about swamps. What a dumb design. Down with the old and in with the new not pie.

I hope all of the college graduates and their families will thank President Trump for creating an economy that is creating professional jobs. If they had graduated during the Obama years they would be looking at a minimum wage job.

In the entire history of the comics industry, “Breaking Cat News” is the lamest. I would prefer that you just leave a blank space there.

Was there ever any doubt that the Cowtown ‘design council’ would vote to do the wrong thing?

Hillary was accused of mishandling state secrets through her e-mails. Trump just hands them our secrets.

Take food away from poor kids to pay for a tax cut for rich people? Even Ebenezer Scrooge was better than that.

It’s refreshing to see all the activity and construction projects bringing new life to downtown Wichita.

Strict, state sponsored inspections are vital to protect consumers from accidents at carnivals, amusement parks, etc. Regulations save lives, lawsuits and money in the long run.

It’s interesting that Trump didn’t accidentally give away classified information when meeting with the leaders of UK, Canada, Germany or Japan.

VP Pence has lied for Trump, so do you want him as president? I don’t, and it’s frustrating that by impeaching Trump, Republicans get what they wanted all along – to sneak an unelectable Pence in the White House back door.

I am sick and tired of the daily quest to take down President Trump. Enough already. Congress should get down to the work of reforming Obamacare, accomplishing tax reform, passing immigration reform and working on infrastructure projects.

Trump revealed classified information to the Russians, what a relief. I thought he was using a private email server.

If I get a degree in English, I can go teach in China. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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