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Kansans – including most Republicans – want Medicaid expansion


A new statewide survey shows continued bipartisan support for Medicaid expansion in Kansas. The poll, commissioned by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and the American Heart Association, found that 75 percent of likely voters support expanding Medicaid – including 66 percent of Republicans (and 80 percent of people in the Wichita media market). Also, 64 percent of likely voters disagree with Gov. Sam Brownback’s decision to veto a bill this session that would expand Medicaid and allow about 150,000 low-income Kansans to qualify for coverage. A poll conducted in December found 82 percent of Kansas voters supporting Medicaid expansion. Despite this strong support, it appears unlikely that lawmakers will be able to pass another bill this session and then be able to override another Brownback veto. – Phillip Brownlee