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Swank a hero to homeless, Wichita

Swank Wichita Eagle

Wichitans owe Sandy Swank their gratitude – and the best way to show that is to support the work of Inter-Faith Ministries and other groups that help lift people out of homelessness. Swank retired last week after serving as director of homeless services at Inter-Faith for more than 25 years. Swank tried to identify and address the root causes of those who were homeless. And unlike many people, she saw the homeless as unique individuals with talents and worth. “The reality is they’re just people like you and me,” she said, noting that “they’ve just been beaten down so bad.” Wendy Glick, executive director of Catholic Charities, said it best, describing Swank as “the epitome of showing compassion for those that are so vulnerable.” She will be missed, but the work and needs continue. – Phillip Brownlee